NetStation: the smart way to access live market data

NetDania’s terminal transforms information access for market data professionals and results in quicker and better decision-making.


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Real-time personalised data feeds from global exchanges

NetDania’s terminal provides a personalised feed that contains all the real-time news, information, and updates that market professionals need to make informed decisions. Whether your information needs are price data, historical data, precious metals, news, or more, the NetStation terminal empowers market professionals by providing all the data they require in one platform.


Live updates across all devices and locations for better market analysis

The NetStation terminal syncs across devices and locations, meaning the latest updates and alerts will reach you wherever you are and whatever device you use. The user-friendly interface allows you to easily tailor alerts and news to your professional needs and ensure that all the relevant people can always access real-time data from global exchanges. Making data-informed decisions is simple with NetStation’s reliable live data provision and real-time alerts.

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